Team Up Toolkit

Maximize your team productivity, profit, and purpose with the Team Up Toolkit. 

Once you have a team of people who are giving you the business support to focus on what truly matters, you need effective processes that make the team work best. 

The Team Up Toolkit keeps every team member informed, in the loop, and HAPPY. This is what will keeps you in the CEO seat, no matter what ups and downs you face in your business.

The Team Up Toolkit includes: 

    • Team Goal Planning templates to determine and display your 30, 60, and 90 days goals
    • Onboarding Trello board that makes introducing team members clear, easy, and profitable
    • Done-For-You Welcome Packet to automatically answer new team member’s questions
    • Team directory Trello board to easily establishes clear communication lines and responsibilities
  • Success Factors Matrix which allows you to continually measure the success of each team member   
  • Guide to having difficult conversations so you can approach team members the right way
  • Offboarding checklist to maintain relationships with team members as they leave

With the right tools, you can have a team that elevates every single piece of your business.

Ready to be a stress-free CEO? Your team members will thank you!

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